Teeth Whitening in Tanque Verde, AZ

Have you been thinking about professional teeth whitening in Tanque Verde, AZ?

woman with bright smile and sunglassesTeeth whitening has become a big business, and if you have any doubts, take a stroll down the dental care aisle of your favorite supermarket! But not all teeth whitening products are created equal; there’s a vast difference between the effectiveness of products purchased over the counter and those available at a professional dental office.

Store-bought products may be abrasive and leave you with uneven whitening—striped teeth, for example! You may also be disappointed when stubborn stains linger following treatment.

In any case, there’s no reason to live with unsightly yellow and brown tooth stains or wait forever for generic whiteners to show noticeable results. In just a few weeks, the innovative KöR Deep Bleaching and Teeth Whitening system, available at Sabino Hills Family Dentistry, can create a smile transformation that you’re unlikely to see with any other product.

We think KöR is the most effective whitener on the market today because it doesn’t just whiten the surfaces of your teeth; it lifts stains from deep within your dental enamel. When stains are lifted, typically, the brown or yellowish hue disappears.

If you would like to schedule a teeth whitening chat and exam with your dentist in Tanque Verde, AZ, contact a member of our team today—or drop us a line if you have any questions about the KöR Deep Bleaching and Teeth Whitening system.

Meanwhile, continue reading to learn more about professional teeth whitening in Tucson, AZ.

What are the benefits of professional teeth whitening in Tanque Verde, AZ?

woman getting teeth whitened If your smile is healthy, but your teeth are not as white as they could be, professional teeth whitening may give you the boost you’ve been looking for.

A white smile can instill confidence and makes you want to smile more often. White teeth can also make you want to laugh out loud.

Additionally, a whiter smile may give others a better first impression, which is essential if you’re seeking employment or attending a life event like a wedding or a reunion.

As dental professionals, we know that teeth discolor for several reasons not related to your brushing and flossing schedule—dietary choices and even certain medications—but unfortunately, others may not consider these truths.

Professional teeth whitening in Tucson, AZ can also be the first step in a complete smile makeover. When you whiten your teeth in other words, you can choose whiter restorations and tooth replacements.

Is professional teeth whitening right for me?

Your dentist in Tucson, AZ examines your teeth and gums and evaluates your overall health to make sure professional teeth whitening is a safe option for you.

Considerations include the state of your teeth and gums and any restorations. However, restorations do not necessarily rule you out as a candidate for teeth whitening—though restorations will not lighten with professional treatment. Your dentist will consider this and advise you accordingly.

What makes KöR different?

KöR is different because of the unique way it whitens your teeth. Other teeth whitening products, store-bought or professional, work by lifting stains from the surface of your teeth.

KöR’s proprietary whitening gel restores your teeth’s ability to absorb oxygen so it can penetrate deep within the dental enamel to dissolve stubborn stains. This process is so effective that it is the only whitening product available to treat teeth stained by tetracycline use.

Whitening with KöR, in our experience, produces results unlike those you’ll see with any other product, and we’ve helped many of our patients brighten their smile by as much as 16 shades!

How does KöR deep bleaching work at Sabino Hills Family Dentistry?

Considering the incredible results we can achieve, the procedure for whitening your teeth with KöR is simple.

We’ll have you come to our Tucson dental office, where we’ll take impressions of your teeth. We use the impressions to create whitening trays customized to fit perfectly and cover all surfaces of your teeth evenly.

Place the gel in the trays, pop them in at bedtime, and wear every night for about two weeks while you sleep. At the end of the two weeks, you’ll return to our office for one final treatment and then visit us once a year for subsequent touch-ups.

That’s it! There’s nothing left for you to do but show off your fabulous new smile!

What about whitening kits sold in stores?

man and woman smiling with white teethHave you been looking for an effective teeth whitening treatment in Tucson, AZ? If so, you may be overwhelmed by all the products in your supermarket that offer amazing results. But do they work? And if they do work, how much will you have to invest before you see the results you’re looking for?

These are all valid questions! The truth is that over-the-counter whitening products can remove some surface discoloration. Still, you will never see results like those we can achieve with a professional teeth whitening treatment.

We’ve tried many professional whitening products, and we’ve found that the revolutionary KöR Deep Bleaching & Whitening system is the best by far. A KöR whitening treatment offers benefits you won’t find with other whitening products.

Its proprietary formula penetrates deep inside dental enamel to lift out even the most stubborn stains and discoloration. KöR is so effective that it’s the only whitener that can remove staining related to the antibiotic, tetracycline.

First, you’ll come to our Tucson dental office for a preliminary visit where we take impressions of your teeth. We use the impressions to customize whitening trays that fit perfectly and evenly cover the surfaces of your teeth.

Place the whitening gel in the trays and wear them every night at bedtime for about two weeks. At the end of the two weeks, we’ll have you return to our office for final treatment. Just visit us once a year for subsequent touch-ups, and you will enjoy KöR’s long-term benefits.

How can I maintain my new white smile?

Tooth stains happen for several reasons, including diet, medication, and smoking. One way to avoid tooth stains and maintain your white smile is to eliminate or cut back on the foods, drinks, and habits that lead to brown and yellow tooth stains.

Common culprits of tooth stains include:

  • Coffee and tea
  • Red sauces
  • Tobacco

It is also essential to brush and floss regularly and visit your Tucson, AZ dental office for dental exams and teeth cleanings every six months.

Additionally, you can touch up your smile with your take-home kit whenever you feel your teeth are not as white as they could be.

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Today, with advances in dentistry like KöR Deep Bleaching, we can truly create the smile of your dreams. And we believe everyone deserves to feel great about the way they look!

Would you like to learn more about KöR whitening and the dramatic results we can achieve for you? We would love to arrange a complimentary consultation at Sabino Hills Family Dentistry to discuss your concerns. Please give our office a call, and we’ll be happy to arrange a convenient appointment to get you started.