Inman Aligners in East Tucson, AZ

male and female couple smiling Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a mouth full of straight, beautiful teeth? Living with a crooked smile can make you feel self-conscious and threaten your oral health while having straight teeth can make life easier and more enjoyable. 

Even if you’ve only ever thought of tooth alignment as a cosmetic concern, choosing to fix a crooked bite or crowded mouth can make all the difference in your dental health. Straight teeth are more comfortable to floss, brush, clean, and care for, and they can go a long way in your overall confidence and how you feel when you present your smile to the world. 

If you live in the 85749 area and are interested in having straighter teeth, we can help. Our Tucson dentist, Dr. Michael Allen, happily offers multiple options for new and existing dental patients who want to improve their smiles through orthodontics. 

One such treatment we offer is Inman Aligners. If you would like to learn more about this innovative type of braces, give us at Sabino Hills Family Dentistry a call at (520) 760-6044, or keep reading below to find out how we can help you straighten your teeth in a short amount of time!

How Inman Aligners Are Different

Inman aligners offered in TucsonWith so many advances in modern dentistry, there is an orthodontic treatment option for everyone. We’re always happy to discuss our different methods and all of your choices with you before you ever commit to a particular service. 

You may want to undergo an intensive round of orthodontia to correct numerous problems with your teeth and bite, or you may be looking for something much simpler and faster. If you’re curious about how you can dramatically improve your smile without committing to years of traditional metal braces, we may have the answer for you: Inman Aligners

Inman Aligners are a state-of-the-art, removable orthodontic treatment used to correct alignment of the front teeth that show when you smile. They work using a unique process that comfortably and gently moves the teeth into an ideal position. Inman Aligners are convenient, too – you can remove them to eat and to clean your teeth. Best of all, we can often achieve the desired results in a matter of months.

If you’re most worried about your visible, prominent front teeth being out of alignment and want to do something to correct this problem immediately, our Tucson Inman Aligners make an excellent treatment choice. 

Aligners on the inside and outside of your front teeth create an opposing force, with one side pushing the teeth forward, while the other pulls back on the front teeth. This movement causes your teeth to move into the beautiful, straight smile you’ve always wanted. The aligners resemble a traditional orthodontic retainer, and the overall look is more subtle than full metal braces. 

Advantages of Having Straighter Teeth

east aligner offered in east tucsonCrooked and crowded teeth don’t just affect your appearance. Teeth that aren’t properly aligned can cause discomfort and oral health challenges, and if you don’t address the problem, they can also affect your dental bite, speech, and even jaw alignment.

It’s important to straighten your teeth so you can maintain a healthy smile, but doing so might seem easier said than done. If you’re an adult who feels uneasy about the prospect of having a mouth full of metal, you aren’t alone. 

Many adults who have alignment problems avoid orthodontic treatment because they’re worried about spending years in uncomfortable braces. But today, we have many short-term orthodontic options like Inman Aligners that make your treatment faster and produce outstanding results. 

Once you commit to discovering a straighter smile, you’ll never look back! Our Tucson Inman Aligners will lead you to an aligned smile, which in turn will:

  • Make it easier for you to clean between your teeth, leading to less plaque and fewer cavities
  • Reduce sensitivity and irritation that can accompany crooked and overcrowded bites
  • Help you feel more confident about your smile and give you the courage to share it with the world
  • Keep your gums healthier and lower their chances of becoming inflamed 
  • Reduce bodily pains associated with poor occlusion, including headaches, neck pain, and even shoulder pain

At Sabino Hills Family Dentistry, we understand that once you decide on orthodontia and want to straighten your smile, you’ll be anxious to see results right away. 

Our Tucson dentist, Dr. Michael Allen, has completed hundreds of orthodontic cases and continues to stay current with the most updated treatments. In fact, he is the only dentist in Tucson who’s certified to provide Inman Aligners, the unique orthodontic treatment system that straightens your teeth in months, not years.

If you want to give your crooked smile an upgrade and immediately improve the alignment of your front teeth, give us a call at (520) 760-6044 to schedule a dental appointment with us! 

Treatment That Fits Your Unique Needs

Man and woman smiling after working out in parkWhenever you select a new dental or medical treatment, you should always make sure that treatment is the right fit for your lifestyle, budget, and overall expectations. 

The best treatment for you will support your oral health needs and help achieve the results you’re looking for. At Sabino Hills Family Dentistry, we offer a variety of adult orthodontics designed to provide a comfortable and efficient solution that fits your busy lifestyle.

We want you to feel comfortable with your decisions about your treatment, so we’re here to talk to you about your expectations, explain the process, and answer your questions. Together, we’ll discuss the various treatments we offer and find the one that delivers the exact results you’re hoping for.

Although this informational web page focuses mostly on our Inman Aligners in 85749, we also have additional information on our website to explain more about alternative options if you decide Aligners aren’t right for you. Our job is to recommend treatments that can improve your quality of life and then provide the very best available in dental care!

Please Call Sabino Hills Family Dentistry For a Complimentary Inman Aligners Consultation

Dr. Allen and the members of our dental team have many years of schooling and experience, but we know that great dental care isn’t just about skill and education. It’s just as essential to offer a clean, safe, and professional treatment environment where our patients can feel warm and welcome every time they visit. 

We love putting our patients at ease, and we genuinely value the trust you all place in us to manage your oral health needs. Our goal is to continue to earn that trust every time you come to our Tucson dental office for any type of appointment.

Are you ready to take the next step toward achieving your goal of a perfect smile? Give us a call at (520) 760-6044, and we’ll be more than happy to arrange a consultation with Dr. Allen to discuss your needs. Whether you decide to move forward with Inman Aligners to achieve straight front teeth or decide you need more comprehensive treatment, we’ll be there for you every step of the way.