Full & Partial Dentures in East Tucson, AZ

We offer quality partial and full dentures in Tucson, AZ!

We all hope for a healthy smile that lasts a lifetime, and constant advances in dental treatment help us get closer to reaching that goal. But tooth loss as you age is not uncommon, and at some point, you may be faced with the prospect of tooth replacement options, including full or partial dentures.

Older man and woman smiling on a golf courseAt Sabino Hills Family Dentistry, we offer quality full and partial dentures in Tucson, AZ—dentures that are modern and custom-designed to fit your smile.

You may still be apprehensive—especially if you’ve seen the ill-fitting dentures from previous decades—but today’s dentures can give you back your beautiful smile and add shape to your mouth and cheeks. Better yet, you’ll be able to laugh, chew, and speak without the embarrassment and discomfort of gaps in your smile!

You may be excited about these possibilities, but you need a lot more information before you can decide whether dentures in Tucson are right for you. Getting back your beautiful smile sounds like a good idea, but how will dentures affect the way your teeth feel and function? Like many people, your hesitation may have to do with the notion that dentures are uncomfortable and look unnatural.

If you’re worried about living with a set of teeth that look like they belong to someone else, we’d like to put your worries to rest. Incredible advances in dental technology and materials at Sabino Hills Family Dentistry now allow your Tucson dentist to create dentures so natural looking that no one will suspect they’re not your natural adult teeth.

If you would like to schedule a denture or partial denture exam, contact a member of our helpful team today. And keep reading to learn more about modern dentures in Tucson!

We Create Beautiful, Natural-Looking Dentures in Tucson, AZ!

There are two types of dentures—partial and full. If just a few teeth are missing, we’ll talk about the benefits of partial dentures. When most or all of your teeth are missing, we typically recommend full dentures.

Using skill and experience, Dr. Michael Allen designs your new dentures to complement the shape of your face. We want you to be fully involved in the process because it helps us understand what your goals are. Our job isn’t finished until we know you’re satisfied with the results.

Using our exact specifications, skilled technicians carefully place the artificial teeth one by one in an acrylic base. You may be surprised to discover just how comfortable dentures can be when made to your exact specifications!

Dentures and Partial Dentures Defined

Man and woman smiling at dinnerComplete or full dentures stand in for total tooth loss. The denture plates that hold restoration teeth rely on suction and the natural structure of your upper and lower jaw for support, including bone.

Partial dentures stand in for partial or sporadic tooth loss. In this case, restoration teeth are fitted onto a base to line up with your specific tooth loss. Partial dentures depend on healthy teeth and clips for support.

You can remove your dentures and partial dentures for cleaning or during sleep, and we think you’ll be pleased with the fit and comfort associated with our affordable dentures in Tucson. While there is a confidence curve—this is true no matter the tooth replacement option you choose—we’re confident that you’ll be happy with your new smile.

Replacing Your Dentures

If you already wear dentures or partials and are looking for an upgrade to more modern dentures in Tucson, AZ, we can help.

Also, if you find yourself visiting the dentist more often than usual for relines, or if you’re applying denture adhesives throughout the day, it may be time to think about denture replacement.

With proper care, dentures can last for years, but eventually, you may need replacement. At Sabino Hills Family Dentistry, we are here to offer practical and inexpensive solutions for you.

A Good Candidate for Dentures at Sabino Hills Family Dentistry

Your dentist in Tucson examines your gums and any remaining teeth to make sure dentures or partial dentures are a good option for you.

Considerations for dentures may include gum and jawbone health. For partial dentures, it is vital to have healthy supporting teeth to help keep your partial in place.

Your smile journey begins with a dental exam in our Tucson dental office. Dr. Allen also takes the time to address your concerns and listen as you share your goals for a new smile. Finally, if no recent x-rays are available, your dentist may order a new set.

If your dentist finds that you’re a good candidate for dentures or partial dentures, we take a digital impression of your mouth. We use the information from this impression to design your new denture or partial.

If you are not a good candidate for our affordable dentures in Tucson, we offer an alternative to complete your smile.

Partial Dentures Compared with a Dental Bridge

dentures and partialsPartial dentures are similar to a dental bridge because both are fantastic options when it comes to restoring smiles. However, there are a few differences.

A partial denture fits around remaining teeth and relies on clips for support. You can remove your partial denture for cleaning or during sleep. And you clean it with a denture bath and denture cleaning paste. Typically, a partial denture is the better option for sporadic tooth loss.  

A dental bridge is an artificial tooth or teeth fitted between two dental crowns. The crowns, colored and shaped to complement your smile, fit over teeth on either side of your smile gap, allowing the artificial teeth to fill in space, and complete your smile. A dental bridge requires a cleaning brush and floss threader for optimal cleaning. Many patients prefer this option if they are missing a single tooth or two teeth in the same area.

Your dentist will help you decide which is the better option for you based on exam findings and your smile goals.

Taking Care of Your Dentures and Partial Dentures

Taking care of your dentures also means taking care of your oral health, including your gums. Your dentist in Tucson recommends twice-yearly dental exams and cleanings to check your oral health and help prevent dental issues like gum disease.

Gum disease can make it difficult or impossible to wear your dentures and may lead to additional tooth loss, jeopardizing your partial.

We also recommend soaking your denture or partial denture daily in a denture bath, only using denture pastes for brushing, and contacting your dentist if you notice chips, cracks, or damage to your appliance.

Finally, never use your dentures—or your natural teeth—to twist off a cap or for other unintended purposes.

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Are you interested in learning more about today’s dentures? If you’re putting off treatment because you’re worried about the look and feel of new dentures, you owe it to yourself to give us a call. The truth is that many of our patients have had their lives transformed by attractive, comfortable full and partial dentures.

Please give our Tucson dental office a call to arrange a consultation so we can answer your questions and explain how beautiful, custom-made dentures can change your life and make it easy to smile again with confidence!