Children's Dentistry in Tanque Verde, AZ

Your child’s early dental experiences can affect their outlook on dentistry and oral healthcare for their entire lives. At Sabino Hills Family Dentistry, our main goal is to provide a warm and fun environment to help your precious one learn about dental care and how to take care of their happy, healthy smile. Our children’s dentistry expert, Dr. Michael Allen, along with his dedicated dental staff, is specially trained in how to create a positive dental experience for your child that they’ll always remember fondly.

When it’s time to find a dentist for your children, you want to know that you’re putting their needs into the hands of caring dental professionals you know and trust. We understand that every child reacts differently, and our goal is to learn what it is that your child needs to feel safe and secure. In fact, our team is so good at it that we actually make dentistry fun!

young girl smiling in dental chair in tucsonFriendly, Compassionate Dental Professionals

Visits to the dentist can be intimidating even for adults, so you can imagine how a young child must feel when visiting a dental office for the first time. A strange new setting, unfamiliar faces, and lots of weird equipment can be pretty overwhelming! It's extremely important to us that you and your son or daughter become comfortable with us.

Many adults who have dental anxiety had a negative experience as a child. Our goal is to start your child off slowly, so they get comfortable with us. Our entire team receives a lot of satisfaction from helping kids start off with a positive view of dentistry. At Sabino Hills Family Dentistry in Tucson, we provide general and preventive dental treatments for children, adolescents, and patients with special needs.

Our comprehensive dental procedures include:

  • Dental sealants
  • Dental bonding
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Nitrous oxide
  • Tooth-colored fillings
  • Dental cleanings
  • Dental exams

We invite all our patients to take an active interest in their oral health by asking questions. Dr. Allen will take the time to patiently and thoroughly explain anything that your child wants to know.

Why You Should Take Care of Their Baby Teeth

While caring for baby teeth may not seem to be vital since they’re only temporary, they actually play an important role in your child’s health. Your child’s baby teeth are the groundwork for how their permanent teeth develop—so it’s crucial that we protect them and prevent them from decay or tooth loss.

Your child’s baby teeth have many jobs to perform before they fall out, including:

  • They help your baby learn how to eat solid foods
  • They keep the space for your permanent teeth; otherwise, the teeth can come in crooked
  • They are instrumental in your child to learn how to shape words
  • Premature baby tooth loss can cause developmental delays as well as future dental problems

Taking care of your child’s baby teeth is crucial for setting them up for success later on in life. Dr. Allen can help new parents learn how to care for their baby’s oral health and prevent decay, infection, or tooth loss.

Your Child’s First Visit to Our Tucson Dental OfficeYoung boy sitting in dental chair at first visit

We like to start seeing children when all their baby teeth are in, but no later than age one. Your child's first dental visit is exciting, but you may be concerned about how your child will react and whether or not they'll be receptive to us. You probably have lots of questions about their dental care, but most importantly, you just want to make sure that the first visit is a positive experience. Dr. Michael Allen loves working with kids, so there’s one worry out of your way! We will never push a child who’s not ready. We’ll always pace your child’s treatments according to their comfort level, working toward the point where they trust us enough to let us perform procedures like cleanings.

During your child’s first visit, we will take the time to get to know you and your child while making the experience comfortable and fun. These first few “Happy Visits” are fun and stress-free, so we turn it into an adventure for them by counting their teeth, taking pictures, and giving them a ride in the dental chair. Depending on his or her age, we’ll show them how to brush their teeth.

We’ll perform a brief dental exam and take panoramic x-rays that don’t require a film. We go over your child’s dental and medical history and address any concerns. We gently examine your child’s teeth and gums to note their dental development. All children under the age of three who are patients of record receive a complimentary "Happy Visit" as part of their dental care.

As a parent, you already know how effective distraction is. We equip our waiting area with video games and iPads, and cartoons are playing on monitors over the dental chair in the treatment rooms. We even have blankets and pillows to keep your child comfy, and they’ll get to choose a toy when their appointment is finished. We pride ourselves on a very friendly, inviting environment, and we do all we can to help put you and your child at ease. In keeping with that effort, we encourage you to accompany your child in the exam room. We also encourage you to talk to your child about what to expect before coming in, without using any language that might cause apprehension.

Dental Checkups for Children at Sabino Hills Family Dentistry

Mother, father, and daughter brushing teeth When you come to our Tuscon, AZ dental office for a teeth checkup for your child, we will go through several routine procedures. The first thing Dr. Allen does is to examine your child’s teeth and gums visually. We check for tooth decay or gum disease, and we take images of your child’s mouth to look for things that may not be visible to the naked eye. If your Tucson pediatric dentist discovers anything abnormal, he will go over a treatment plan with you.

If everything looks normal, we will complete a dental cleaning by removing plaque and polishing the teeth. Dr. Allen may recommend fluoride treatment as a simple and painless procedure to prevent cavities. Fluoride can strengthen teeth and reduce your child’s risk of getting a cavity, especially if your child tends to get cavities.

We often recommend dental sealants that can act as a barrier to prevent bacteria from getting trapped in ridges and grooves of teeth and cause cavities. If your child has sensitive teeth from enamel erosion, we can apply tooth-colored dental bonding to the surface of the tooth to protect your child’s enamel and reduce sensitivity. All of these procedures are quick and painless.

Prompt Care in East Tucson When Your Child Needs It Most

Is it time for your child’s first dental visit? We know just how crucial it is that your child enjoys going to the dentist—as well as practicing oral health care at home! Our entire team would love to welcome you and your child to our Tucson dental family.

Please contact our Tanque Verde dental office, and we’ll be happy to arrange a convenient appointment for you and your child to stop by for a visit and meet our team.