CEREC Same-Day Crowns in Tanque Verde AZ

CEREC Dental Crowns in east tucson az

Enamel is the strongest substance in your body; in fact, it’s harder than steel. Yet, it can be incredibly brittle—and when enamel cracks or chips, your body can’t replace it. Unlike bone or tissue, we can’t regenerate enamel when it’s damaged.

The best option for Tucson patients when a tooth is damaged is to protect and stabilize it using dental crowns. Dental crowns are like tooth caps that cover the entire surface of your tooth, which can prevent further deterioration or decay of the tooth. If your dentist has ever designed a traditional dental crown for you, you know it’s a process that usually takes at least two visits to complete.

Now, using state-of-the-art CEREC technology, Dr. Michael Allen can place a beautiful permanent dental crown in just one visit. At Sabino Hills Family Dentistry, we understand that your busy life may not leave a lot of time for multiple visits to our dental office. With updated technology like CEREC, we can streamline your treatment and get you on your way as quickly as possible.

We proudly offer high-quality and durable dental restorations that our patients can enjoy for many years. Dentistry doesn’t have to be complicated or hard—we work hard to make it efficient and convenient so that all our Tucson patients know precisely what to expect from their dental restorations. CEREC same-day restorations are an excellent option for patients who want quick and stress-free smile makeovers without having to wait for weeks or even months.

What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns "cap" your tooth by covering its entire surface, from the top to the gumline. Your Tucson dentist can fabricate the shape and size so that it closely resembles your existing tooth, and he matches the tooth shade to your existing teeth. There are no black lines at the gumline or apparent signs that you have a dental crown, which means you can laugh with ease and confidence, knowing that your smile is protected and attractive. 

We recommend dental crowns if a tooth is damaged or if a filling is too big or the tooth to support. Since the dental crown covers the entire surface of the tooth, it is excellent for protecting teeth from further damage, decay, and more. There are many reasons why a patient might need a dental crown, including:

  • Fractured tooth
  • Cracked tooth
  • Chipped tooth
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Uneven teeth
  • Gaps or spaces between teeth
  • Unsightly brown or yellow stains on enamel

At Sabino Hills Family Dentistry, we are proud to offer CEREC single-visit dental crowns. CEREC, or Chairside Economical Reconstruction of Esthetic Ceramics, allows us to finish the entire process of the dental crown while you relax in our comfortable dental office! Patients can enjoy the convenience of one dental visit instead of waiting weeks to complete the process. 

Why Should I Choose CEREC Restorations?

Placing a dental crown that’s created at an outside dental requires multiple visits to complete. We create CEREC crowns and restorations right here at our Tucson dental office, which means we can place them in just one dental office visit. Since CEREC crowns help us preserve more of your tooth’s structure, they also help improve your oral health. One-visit treatment also means there is less drilling and fewer injections.

CEREC dental crowns also eliminate the need for a temporary crown, which many people find uncomfortable and not particularly natural-looking. You can smile confidently because you know your durable new porcelain crown looks completely natural. If you’re interested in same-day dental crowns or bridges in Tucson, or if you have any questions about CEREC same-day dental technology and the process, we invite our patients to give us a call in order to schedule a dental appointment.

How Do CEREC Crowns Work?

Dr. Allen will design your new crown right here at Sabino Hills Family Dentistry using our state-of-the-art CEREC technology. The first step is to shape your tooth to prepare it for the new dental crown. Next, using CAD technology, Dr. Allen takes digital images of your tooth and inputs them into a software program that creates a 3-D model of your tooth and designs your new crown.

Traditional dental crowns use a messy “goo” to create impressions, which some patients may dislike, which is a nice benefit of CEREC. Our dental team sends the specifications to a 3-D milling printer in our dental office that fabricates your new crown from a block of ceramic material. Dr. Allen polishes the crown, adjusts it for fit, and bonds it securely to your tooth. The entire process generally takes only two to three hours.Close up of woman's smile after crowns

Since the CEREC process is entirely digital, your Tucson dentist can create a 3-D scan of your mouth that is incredibly detailed and accurate, so that we manufacture your dental crowns to perfect specifications. The fit of the dental restoration should be comfortable and secure, and we can dictate the shape, size, and even color of your new same-day dental crown so that it blends seamlessly with your existing teeth.

If you have a weakened, damaged, or chipped tooth that needs extra protection—you may be interested in dental crowns. Patients with visibly cracked teeth or busy schedules may be interested in CEREC same-day dental crowns for their beauty, function, and quick turnaround. 

Dental Bridges Enhance Your Beautiful Smile

Even with perfect and meticulous oral hygiene, tooth loss can still happen to the best of us. At Sabino Hills Family Dentistry, Dr. Allen may recommend a dental bridge to fill in the space created by the missing tooth. A dental bridge typically consists of two dental crowns that bridge an artificial tooth between them. The dental crowns cap the neighboring teeth for support. Our Tucson dentist can match your dental crowns to blend in seamlessly with your natural smile—no one will ever be able to tell that you have a dental bridge!

We offer both traditionally fabricated, and CEREC dental bridges since the preparation for the dental bridge is similar to that used for dental crowns. If you are missing one or multiple teeth and are interested in your tooth replacement options, please give us a call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Allen. Together, we can go over your smile makeover goals, your current budget and concerns, and each of your smile options. 

Trust Your Care to Experienced Professionals in 85749

We’re pleased to have the advanced training and education needed to offer you cutting-edge services like CEREC crowns. But exceptional dentistry isn’t just about technology and specialized treatments. You want to know that you’re trusting your oral health care to experienced professionals who also go out of their way to treat you with kindness, understanding, and respect for your needs.

Dr. Allen and our professional team work hard to make sure our patients always receive the most updated treatments by continually advancing our education and training. This ensures that you will always receive the highest standard of care. CEREC crowns are a remarkable development in dental technology, but you won’t know how amazing they are until you see for yourself!

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