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We go above and beyond the ADA and OSHA recommended standards to make our Tucson dental office a clean and safe place for your family. Before your visit, we disinfect all of our equipment in a designated area with state-of-the-art sterilization technology. We also thoroughly sanitize each room between patients. We worry about the cleanliness of our office so you’ll never have to.

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Dr. Michael Allen and our dedicated professional team work hard to create a practice that is current with all the latest dental technology and updated procedures. But our basic mission has always remained the same – to provide all members of your family with personalized quality care that exceeds your expectations.For the past five years, Dr. Allen has worked at Mariposa Community Health Center in Nogales and Rio Rico providing dental care for underserved families in Southern Arizona. He truly loves what he does and brings that positive attitude to work on a daily basis.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): KöR Teeth Whitening

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We encourage our patients to be proactive when it comes to learning about their dental care. Dr. Michael Allen and our team always explain procedures in detail, and we know that there’s a lot to think about. That’s why it’s vital that you share any concerns or questions you may have about your proposed treatment. The best way for us to meet your expectations is to understand what’s important to you.

We’ve gathered a few of the questions our team hears most often and shared them here. You probably have many more of your own, so please call our office and a friendly member of our team will be happy to assist you.

KöR Teeth Whitening

Woman showing off white teeth At Sabino Hills Family Dentistry, we offer professional teeth whitening in East Tucson, AZ. As dental professionals who routinely treat patients who have attempted to whiten their teeth with drugstore whitening kits, we can emphatically conclude that professional teeth whitening is significantly better than store-bought, at-home teeth whitening kits. 

Whiten Your Smile

If you have yellow teeth and are looking for a whiter smile, we encourage you to rely on a licensed dentist to help you get the results you want.

Teeth bleaching kits from the grocery store are generic, mass-produced, and generally ineffective. Additionally, these “whiter-teeth-in-a-box” treatments can leave your gums feeling irritated and your teeth looking spotty. 

Because thousands or even millions of people will purchase teeth-whitening kits from the store in a year, those treatments have to be universal enough for anyone to use them. That means that the teeth whitening strips or trays will not fit a specific mouth shape or size and that the whitening gel will not be any particular strength or aim to reach a specific shade. 

Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening in East Tucson, on the other hand, is:

  • Safe 
  • Personalized 
  • Effective
  • Supervised 
  • Fast-acting 

Contact Our East Tucson Dental Clinic

Our East Tucson dentist will tailor your teeth bleaching sessions specifically for you, making it easy and convenient to brighten your smile. Professional teeth whitening is a worthwhile investment that lasts longer and has more powerful results than its drugstore counterparts. 

woman getting teeth whitened in tucsonKöR is a revolutionary tooth whitening system that changes the way dentists today approach the problem of a dull or stained smile. There are several advantages to choosing KöR over other whiteners.

Advantages of KöR Teeth Whitening

One of the things that makes KöR unique is the proprietary whitening agent that penetrates deep into dental enamel to lift out and removes stains that other products can’t touch. For example, KöR treatment can even remove stains caused by medications like the antibiotic tetracycline.

Freshness is another factor that affects whitening because these products start to lose potency almost immediately after they're produced. KöR, on the other hand, is kept under refrigeration until the moment your dentist uses it for your treatment.

KöR Whitening Results

The results take a little longer to achieve than some systems, but the results achieved with KöR are nothing short of amazing; many of our patients see a smile that’s about 16 shades brighter than when they started. Not only will you enjoy a dazzling smile, but the results are permanent with monthly touchups at home

Contact Our 85749 Dental Clinic

If you would like to learn more about what KöR teeth whitening in Tuscon can do for your smile, please call Sabino Hills Family Dentistry. We’ll be happy to explain KöR’s benefits and help you decide if it’s the whitening treatment for you!

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