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Myths and Facts about Dentures

August 6, 2017
Posted By: Michael Allen, DMD
Partial Denture | Dentist Tucson AZ

If you have negative feelings about dentures, it’s understandable. Maybe you remember your grandfather’s dentures slipping when he coughed, or you just can’t get over the dreadful appearance of yesterday’s one-size-fits-all dentures.

It’s true that dentures used to be the last resort for people who had lost teeth due to improper care. They were rough, uncomfortable to wear, ill-fitting, and looked fake. Luckily, things have changed quite dramatically over the last thirty years.

Fortunately, dental materials, techniques, and technology have all played a part in making dentures in Tucson more natural looking and comfortable than ever before. We now have the freedom to fully customize the fit and feel of your dentures to the point where no they are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth.

Since there are so many misconceptions, we thought we would offer a few myths about modern dentures along with the facts.

Dentures Myths and Facts

Myth: Dentures Always Look Fake

Fact: Today’s dentures are fabricated using state-of-the-art materials and techniques. We match the base to the color of your gums, create artificial teeth that complement your skin coloring and the shape of your face, and position the teeth one-by-one in the base to mimic the variations found in natural teeth.

Myth: Dentures Are Uncomfortable

Fact: It’s true that decades ago there were very few options for creating comfortable dentures. Older dentures were made with a rigid base that sat on top of the gums causing pain and irritation. Today, we create dentures using lighter, softer materials that conform closely to the contours of your gums for vastly improved fit and feel.

Myth:  I Won’t Be Able to Eat My Favorite Foods

Fact: There’s no doubt that ill-fitting dentures make it difficult to enjoy certain foods. However, since modern dentures customized down to the last detail, we can ensure that they fit snugly against your gums.

New dentures do take some getting used to since they are a removable dental prosthetic. However, with some time and patience on your part, you will find that there comes a moment when you forget you are wearing your dentures!

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