Restorative Dentistry in Tucson, AZ

Restorative Dentistry Tucson AZIf you’ve fallen behind with dental treatments, you may be dealing with one or more teeth that are damaged, injured, or decayed. We don’t ever want you to feel concerned about seeking dental care because you’re embarrassed about your current oral health.

At Sabino Hills Family Dentistry, we don’t believe it’s our job to criticize your past dental care. We’ve seen almost every kind of dental problem there is, and we’re just happy that you’re taking a step toward perfect oral health and reclaiming a stronger and healthier smile!

Restorative Treatments Tailored to Your Needs

You may have one or two problems that you need corrected, or you may find yourself in a situation where you have a number of dental problems that need to be addressed. You need answers to your questions – What’s the right type of treatment? Where do you start?

We’re here to answer those questions (and any others you might have) and work with you to develop a plan that makes sense for you. There are many options for restoring damaged teeth, including tooth-colored fillings, crowns, or dental bonding.

Orthodontics, oral appliances, and other treatments may help your unique situation, as well. We’re equipped to handle many of your dental needs, but we may also choose to work with specialists if necessary to make sure you get the high-quality care that is right for you. Our goal is to deliver the smile you want and then help you maintain it for life.

Dr. Allen and our team can also create beautiful tooth replacements like bridges and full and partial dentures. Choosing a combination of these treatments allows us to create a truly customized smile makeover.

One simple treatment may not be enough to completely restore your dental health, in which case we can talk about creating a plan for a full smile makeover. No matter what type of treatment we provide, you'll feel better physically and emotionally when you have a healthy, beautiful smile that you’re proud to share with the world.

Tucson Restorative DentistryYour Concerns Are Important to Us 

Our patients value the fact that we really listen, which helps us understand what’s important to you and develop a completely customized treatment plan. Every phase of your individualized treatment is determined by you, your needs, and your expectations for a healthier smile.

During your initial exam, Dr. Allen will evaluate the condition of your teeth, gums, and supporting bone structure. He’ll also check your occlusion (the way your teeth fit together when you bite down). We’ll take x-rays and intraoral images to provide the detailed information we need to create your customized smile makeover plan.

We’ll Work with Your Needs

If you’re tired of hiding your smile from the world, you owe it to yourself to give us a call. We’ll take the time to explain your options, our suggestions, and the time and financial commitments involved. We are your home for restorative dentistry in Tucson Arizona.

We know that after just one visit you’ll be impressed with our friendly, compassionate approach to providing outstanding dental care. We look forward to helping you achieve the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve.