CEREC Same-Day Crowns in Tanque Verde AZ

Daughter and father smiling | Dentist Tucson AZIf your dentist has ever designed a traditional dental crown for you, you know it’s a process that usually takes at least two visits to complete. Now, using state-of-the-art CEREC technology, Dr. Michael Allen can place a beautiful permanent crown in just one visit.

At Sabino Hills Family Dentistry, we understand that your busy life may not leave a lot of time for multiple visits to our dental office. With updated technology like CEREC, we can streamline your treatment and get you on your way as quickly as possible.

Why Should I Choose CEREC Restorations?

Placing a dental crown that’s created at an outside dental requires multiple visits to complete. We create CEREC crowns and restorations right here at our Tucson dental office, which can then be placed in just one visit.

Since CEREC crowns help us preserve more of your tooth’s structure, they also help improve your oral health. One-visit treatment also means there’s less drilling and fewer injections.

CEREC crowns also eliminate the need for a temporary crown, which many people find uncomfortable and not particularly natural-looking. You can smile confidently, because you know your durable new porcelain crown looks completely natural.

Older woman smiling | Tucson DentistHow Do CEREC Crowns Work?

Dr. Allen will design your new crown right here at Sabino Hills Family Dentistry using our state-of-the-art CEREC technology. The first step is to shape your tooth to prepare it for the new crown. Next, Dr. Allen takes digital images of your tooth and inputs them into a software program that creates a 3-D model of your tooth and designs your new crown. 

The specifications are sent to a 3-D printer in our dental office that fabricates your new crown from a block of ceramic material. Dr. Allen polishes the crown, adjusts it for fit, and bonds it securely to your tooth. The entire process generally takes only two to three hours.

Trust Your Care to Experienced Professionals

We’re pleased to have the advanced training and education needed to offer you cutting-edge services like CEREC crowns. But great dentistry isn’t just about technology and specialized treatments. You want to know that you’re trusting your oral health care to experienced professionals who also go out of their way to treat you with kindness, understanding, and respect for your needs.

Dr. Allen and our professional team work hard to make sure our patients always receive the most updated treatments by continually advancing our education and training. This ensures that you will always receive the highest standard of care.

CEREC crowns are a remarkable development in dental technology, but you won’t know how amazing they are until you see for yourself! Please give our dental office a call, and a member of our team will be happy to arrange a complimentary consultation to show you what a CEREC restoration can do for you.