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We go above and beyond the ADA and OSHA recommended standards to make our Tucson dental office a clean and safe place for your family. Before your visit, we disinfect all of our equipment in a designated area with state-of-the-art sterilization technology. We also thoroughly sanitize each room between patients. We worry about the cleanliness of our office so you’ll never have to.

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Meet Dr. Michael Allen

Dr. Michael Allen and our dedicated professional team work hard to create a practice that is current with all the latest dental technology and updated procedures. But our basic mission has always remained the same – to provide all members of your family with personalized quality care that exceeds your expectations. For the past five years, Dr. Allen has worked at Mariposa Community Health Center in Nogales and Rio Rico providing dental care for underserved families in Southern Arizona. He truly loves what he does and brings that positive attitude to work on a daily basis.

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What Do Dental Fillings and Car Bumpers Have in Common?

Before and After photos of white dental fillings | Dentist Tucson AZ

Tooth-colored composite dental fillings are prized for their natural-looking appearance and because they are a strong and durable restoration that can last between seven and ten years. However, researchers in the field are always on the lookout for ways to improve dental materials to make them even more durable.

The Future of Dental Fillings

A new study published by Scientific Reports says that a team of researchers at Oregon Health and Science University School of Dentistry have developed a material for dental fillings that’s twice as resistant to breakage as those used today. It turns out that the additive thiourethane that strengthens these fillings is also used for protective coatings for ...

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Missing a Tooth? Replace Sooner Rather Than Later

Man with Toothache | Dentist Tucson AZ

If you've lost a tooth, you may be tempted to let it go, especially if it’s farther back in the mouth where it’s difficult to see.

It’s understandable because the whole process of losing the tooth, whether it’s because of poor oral health or a sports injury, can be a challenge to deal with. You may feel depressed, eating certain foods can be uncomfortable or impossible, and you hate the idea of a gap in your smile.

The Problem with Tooth Loss

But tooth loss leads to numerous oral health problems, and if a tooth isn’t restored, you will be dealing with a lot more than an esthetic issue.

  • Increased pressure on remaining teeth ...

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Our Solutions for Restoring Your Teeth

Girl Smiling in Dental Chair | Restorative Dentistry Tucson AZ

Living with damaged or unhealthy teeth can take its toll on your appearance and your ability to enjoy life fully.

If you are a patient in Tucson, AZ who is looking for restorative dentistry treatment, you may be unsure of exactly what it is you need to regain a healthy smile. At Sabino Hills Family Dentistry, we offer a broad range of restorative dental treatments designed to get your oral health back on track, no matter what problem you’re facing.

Types of Restorative Dentistry

  • Chipped, Cracked, or Broken Teeth – These flaws are usually easy to fix with veneers, porcelain crowns, or dental bonding.
  • Damaged or Unhealthy Teeth – When a tooth is ...

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