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We go above and beyond the ADA and OSHA recommended standards to make our Tucson dental office a clean and safe place for your family. Before your visit, we disinfect all of our equipment in a designated area with state-of-the-art sterilization technology. We also thoroughly sanitize each room between patients. We worry about the cleanliness of our office so you’ll never have to.

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Dr. Michael Allen and our dedicated professional team work hard to create a practice that is current with all the latest dental technology and updated procedures. But our basic mission has always remained the same – to provide all members of your family with personalized quality care that exceeds your expectations. For the past five years, Dr. Allen has worked at Mariposa Community Health Center in Nogales and Rio Rico providing dental care for underserved families in Southern Arizona. He truly loves what he does and brings that positive attitude to work on a daily basis.

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A New Study Shows That Those Closest to Us Can Affect Our Oral Health

Group of people taking a selfie | Dentist Tucson AZ

We all have personal social networks made up of friends, family, and acquaintances who influence the information we receive and decisions we make about our oral health.

In 2008, a researcher from Boston University’s Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine turned her focus to understanding how social structures impact states of health by surveying residents of Boston public housing.

The Results

The results were published in Science Daily and conclude that these types of personal connections do indeed have a strong influence on how we process health information. Of the 1,000 residents surveyed, it was found that most tend to trust the word of people they know over that of an outsider.

These ...

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Don’t Fall for Oral Health Misconceptions

Picture of Toothbrush | Dental Care Tucson AZ

How much do you believe you know about maintaining good oral health? Many people think they have a good grasp of what they need to do to support a healthy smile. But a recent worldwide survey indicates that a large gap exists between the facts and what people believe to be true.

Myth 1: Brush Your Teeth Immediately after Every Meal

An average of 50% of individuals surveyed believes that brushing teeth their right after a meal is good for their oral health.

However, the truth is that sugars and acid in the foods you eat break down enamel for as long as 20 minutes after eating. Interrupting this process with brushing can ...

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3 Tips to Help Relieve Bad Breath

Toothbrush | Dentist in Tucson AZ

All of us have bad breath occasionally. But it’s usually the result of consuming smelly foods like garlic and onions. This kind of bad breath is easy enough to remedy - you pop a breath mint in your mouth to mask the odor until you can get home to your toothbrush and mouthwash.

But what if you have chronic bad breath and friends or coworkers instinctively back away when they speak to you? If you experience chronic bad breath, here are a few tips for freshening your breath from top Tuscon dentist Dr. Michael Allen.

Tips for Fresh Breath:

  1. Rinse Your Mouth after Every Meal: You know that you need to brush ...

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